Thursday, 23 January 2014

The heart sees...........

             Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 4

The prompt comes from Kajal Kapur.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.


I poured the ghee on the cotton wick in the diya (lamp) . The rose and jasmine 

flowers  sat neatly in the silver thali (plate). The haldi and kumkum  boxes too presented a 

colourful dual picture in the pooja paraphernalia. Nothing was out of place or unmatched in 

my preparations for the big day. The poojari (priest) would be rushing in, any moment to 

commence the rituals at the muhuratam( appointed time). I finished preparing the 'prasada' 

(offerings to God) ,  'saffron milk payasam' .

I admired Ananya in her long silk skirt , adorned with gold chains and bangles and the 

melodious sound of her silver anklets, filled the air as she hopped about , to help me with all 

the preparations. I was hard pressed for time so she got readied all by herself. Now I sat 

down and breathed  comfortably  , I stole a few glances to admire her. 

How fast times flies, I said with a sigh. I looked at the clock. 10.30 am . I was wheeled into 

the labor room , ten summers ago and at the stroke of twelve, when both the hands of the 

clock joined together to greet ,  I heard the first cry of my new-born .

A decade had passed by and another decade later , Ananya , my baby , would be on the 

threshold of marriage. Oh no! not so soon. After all she is my only child.

The priest lit the incense sticks and started chanting the 'mantras'.  Ananya obediently 

folded her hands and sat cross-legged on the mat.  I smiled at her.

At the stroke of twelve the priest asked for the  'prasada' to be offered to God . The mat 

adjoining me was  crumpled and its occupant was missing . Ananya must have gone to  

fetch the bowl. I got up  to go into the kitchen.  The kitchen was quiet and empty. My gaze 

fell on the kitchen window. I hurriedly came out in the open courtyard.

Ananya  turned around and facing me said ,"Amma , you had said that God visits us in any 

form and we have to recognize Him and feed  Him". I craned my neck over her shoulder 

and stretched my gaze to see a beggar relishing the 'prasada'. He blessed Ananya  and 

walked away. She was as tall as me but possesses  a bigger and a compassionate heart. I 

have sprinkled good values of her and she had soaked them and is drenched completely in 

them. My chest puffed up with pride at my up-bringing.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

From the inside of the house I could hear the priest requesting for the offerings to be made 

to God.

HE had partaken the offerings.

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