Friday, 31 January 2014

My earliest memory

My earliest memory


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When asked by WRITE TRIBE to go down memory lane and  write about 'my earliest memory' ,
I have many interesting and funny anecdotes to  share. But this particular one is closest to my heart . And why not , for every child loves to be showered with compliments.

My second standard teacher , Micheal teacher , while correcting my English book looked  up at me . I was a bit scared and wondering what was in store for me. She gave me a stern look and facing the whole class complimented me on my handwriting and further praised that she could correct my book with her eyes closed as she  could not find any mistakes. The class was a bag of mixed reactions. Some were happy  for me while a few of them passed snide remarks. But I was on cloud nine and the indifferent remarks made no difference to me but only made me swell with pride.


The next year , I was in third standard and Micheal teacher no longer taught me. But every time I met her in the corridor of the school , she smiled at me and returned it with a bigger smile. After our half semester exams were over , the Principal announced that Micheal teacher was no more and she had met her last by a freak accident in the kitchen. I wept uncontrollably. 

My child-like innocent mind could not understand the sudden turn of events. But today as I think about it ,  I question myself , was it really an accident?

I , now , hardly use  paper and pencil  for writing but whenever I do ,  I remember my Micheal teacher.

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