Monday, 3 February 2014

How do I tell her about you.


                                                    100 Words on Saturday :
how do I tell her about you

Vikram‘s sweetheart and office colleague asked him whether he had told his 

mother about their relationship.

Vikram turned his face away, trying to gaze at the lashing waves at Marine 

Drive as his mind had already visualized the aftermath of a tsunami.  Amma 

would never understand his different approach and would expect him to take 

the straight path and be a dutiful son.Our lawmakers too have not made life 

easy for his ilk. He turned around embracing his love, uttered, ‘how do I tell 

her about you and introduce you to her as my partner, Avinash? ‘


                                                    FOR : WRITE TRIBE

                                  This is a fictional story .