Wednesday, 5 February 2014



Moringa Oleifera or horseradish tree is 
chiefly a tropical tree is locally known as

The drumstick tree is a common and popular feature in the backyards of South Indian homes. The versatility of  this tree in blending with the cuisine makes it appearance in most backyards. The tree is rather slender with drooping branches that grow up-to 10 meters in height . This tree is widely cultivated in the countries of India , Ethiopia , S.Africa , Pacific Islands and U.S.A.

The drumstick leaves are small , green and round in shape. They are used to make vegetables and  added in curries too.

The leaves being rich in iron content along with calcium and vitamins , are useful in building strong and healthy bones , cure mal-nourishment and digestive problems.


In Indian cuisine , drumsticks are stringed , cut into small pieces about 1.5 inches long and cooked in curry called Sambhar , an accompaniment to rice. 


             Readers, do you use drumsticks in your daily meals?

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