Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The day doctor pronounced the ill-fated


The day the doctor pronounced the ill-fated word , and her first reaction was , 'Why , Why me?'

For Sukhada , my close friend , always lead an active and healthy life-style devoid of intake of fast-food and aerated drinks.

She was a firm believer of the grandma's advice that home-made food is the best and shunned tinned and packaged foods even preparing her own ketchup , sauce , chocolates and biscuits. 

A long and a brisk walk combined with yoga was on her agenda and rarely she gave it a miss. 

A self-disciplined and a simple soul could be the target of a painful and dreaded ailment who rarely visited dispensaries , was hard to digest.

I was  too stunned to react and disbelief enveloped me . I was hoping of a wrong diagnosis and praying for a miracle . But that was not to be. A second opinion sought ,  confirmed the worst fears. For her family coming to terms with her ill-health was difficult and painful.

All the prescribed treatments followed  to prolong the life in years albeit the quality of life took a backseat and ultimately snatched a gem of a person leaving me poorer .

When Sukhada breathed her last , her battle with pain and suffering came to an end. In a moment of grief and subsequent anger I questioned myself if the big C has triumphed over her.
Months later I realized that she had succumbed to the ailment but her spirit to overcome the daily obstacles , the fervent desire to heal faster and the race against  time to fulfill the goals that she had set , had not been defeated. But  she moaned the fact that she had to be dependent on her family , help-givers and friends. It is but natural for a human to feel so. 


Report any bodily changes , however minute , to your doctor. A doctor is your best friend and confidante. Do not be shy to talk about delicate matters that need urgent attention. Awareness of the disease is the biggest tool to combat it. Early detection saves lives.

Every year , at least 10 lakhs are detected in India and six lakhs die of it. Medical companies are reporting more claims by cancer patients , indicating a rise in the incidence of the disease.

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