Monday, 17 February 2014

Naming of Gemini in the sky

The Great Bard said , 'What's in a name?'
With a thousand apologies to him , ' everything is in a name'.
For example , Aamir Khan - the movie draws an audience.
                      Chetan Bhagat - changed the face of Indian (English) writing.
                      Ekta Kapoor - soap (tear-jerkers)  operas.
                      Mamta Banerjee - firebrand lady.


Babies are named after a thorough research of the name , its origin and meaning  The first two alphabets of the parents's name are fused to form a third name. e.g Raj and Simran = Rasi

The placements of the starry configuration are taken into account and kids are named suitably , the rashis and nakshatras.

When I decided to enter the blogging world and had to name my blog , I didn't have second thoughts. 'Gemini in the sky' immediately struck a chord with me as Gemini is my sun sign and the sky is the abode of the heavenly stars.
Gemini is denoted by twins which have conflicting views .

The name of my blog has to reflect me , a part of me and my thinking. But will my blog not reflect the person I am by another other name?

If someone calls me or refers to me by some other name , I will not react.

How did you name your blog , dear reader? Do share with us.

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