Thursday, 6 February 2014



The brown grains spread
wove a  mesmerizing pattern
as far as the eye could see
and envisage nothing more.
Looking up with a ray of hope
under the shade of  the palm
lacerating  light blinds the pupils
parched throat seeks to quench
Yonder , oasis , a distant mirage.  
the fish  never thirsty and cool
wish I could trade places,
said the man to the skies.

Streamlined body cuts the current
darts silvery Pisces close to shore.
Boatman ferrying , the tourist's tales
of coiled paths wrapped around  green hills
of fragrant breeze  with roses abound.
laments fish , a lovely world awaits 
while I'm in deep waters , a sigh.
wish I walk on the earth 
caress the land, dry, beneath my feet. 

                                               Angel with a book , "O Lord!
                                    Why are your creations always thirsty?"
                                   He smiled , " success lies in their thirst,
                                             else they 'll forget the Maker"

                                        FOR :  THEME THURSDAY