Saturday, 1 March 2014

understanding a misunderstanding

Write Tribe of festival -3  begins today i.e. 2nd March '14 and the tribers have to write a piece of fiction consisting of exactly 9 sentences. So read on ........................

His field job took him to different parts of the city and today he was in  Churchgate , where she worked in an advertising firm.
Winding up his work a tad early than he expected , he decided to surprise her by visiting her work-place , unannounced  and if circumstances and time permitted would steal some moments in a coffee shop.

Though tired , he was excited at the thought of meeting his three month old bride  and he opened the cabin door without knocking when he heard, " Honey , let us elope away far from this cruel world which does not allow two hearts  to beat in unison" , and the voice was unmistakably her's.


Stung by the revelation of her infidelity , he tiptoed out  without  a thought of confrontation when he collided with the peon who  flashed a big smile of familiarity.

The peon's smile  exacerbated the situation and  he felt the need to be shielded from the opprobrium arising from his wife's behaviour.

The peon insisted on the norms of hospitality and asked him for a hot beverage when she sauntered into the aisle with a junior staff in tow.

He surveyed her lover with abhorrence and acrimony as she introduced  him , saying  " Ankit and I are rehearsing for a play in aid of................. 

Her words assuaged his own fears and  insecurity but his self-respect had dented due to his immatured and rash thinking and  he vowed never to create a chasm in their relationship.

He escorted her out to sip their favourite lattes , his ears to her enthusiastic jabbering , while her mind was innocently unaware of his ephemeral suspicions that were fertile a few minutes ago. 


For : Write Tribe Festival of Words - 3