Sunday, 2 March 2014

blog love

                          3rd March our topic is ‘Blog Love’ – 


Write Tribe and Corinne have asked us to show some love to another blog or blogs by showcasing them and further asked us to share  why  a particular blog or blogs is loved– there’s no limit on the words or the links. And a subtle message : not to include blogs of people in your circle – or people taking part in the Festival of Words. Str-et-ch! It feels good! And don’t forget to let those people know you’ve showcased them!

Some time  ago, as we go shopping or window-shopping in a mall  , I was blog hopping from one blog to another via links and  one blog  arrested my attention and I stopped to ponder was , Dagny Sol who blogs at Serenely Rapt . I liked the name of the blog and I do believe that the name of the blog reflects the person he/she is and rightly so after reading some of her posts I felt that the name was very apt and I do not believe  : What 's in a name ......(apologies Great Bard) .

On the blue water body is the name of the blog boldly inscribed the name of the blog in green. The blog description Deep under the surface of your everyday life,
the pearls of your inner wisdom lie in repose , waiting..................
I was energized by these words. Her writings are filled with a positive attitude towards life , a matured style of writing  and are a pleasure to read. One has to read her works to believe this. As I read a sentence and try to absorb the words nay pearls like a sponge , the next sentence is a bigger treasure to unearth. As I read , I lose myself in her world . Such is the magnetism of her words.

I have clicked the button to follow her , I mean her blog. Readers , do Click on her FB page Serenely Rapt for more.

                                            Read her recent post.


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