Monday, 3 March 2014

exam pangs

Festival of Words : Free Write

10 Std examinations (CBSE) began on 3rd March '14 and junior is one of the many students taking this exam.
This exam is considered to be an important exam , a stepping stone to their future career and ambitions.


How does a three hour exam of 5 subjects decide their path to tread?  Students like some subjects , love some and detest some but are forced to swallow the bitter medicine down their throat . I doubt even if it should be referred to as medicine. 
Junior was asked to solve some science sample papers and hand it over to the respective teachers (Phy , Chem and Bio) to get them corrected. While he waited for the 3 teachers to do their duty , it was time taking and frustrating for him to stand outside the Teacher's Staff Room. When he got back home , he asked me  if different teachers teach and specialize in different subjects , then why students are forced to study all subjects?  This is a point to ponder.


Anxious parents , numbering twice the students had converged at the exam center to see off their kids to the exam hall. I was reminded of the Rajput warriors being sent out to fight on the battlefields with 'appropriate' instructions :

Check pens, pencils , geometry box, water bottle, hall-ticket.
Drink water.
Carry a biscuit packet.( students hate this)
..............................and the list is endless.

By doing this we are executing the role of good parents , as we feel so. But aren't we turning ourselves into instructions manuals and the kids into a robots just carrying out the orders/instructions without any ideas of their own ?

When I appeared for my SSC (state) Board exams , I  had decided that I would never instruct my child as my parents did. But today the scenario was re-telecast with the roles changing . When will this stop?

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