Tuesday, 11 March 2014


                              Lillie McFerrin Writes

Five Sentence Fiction – Furious

This week the prompt is : FURIOUS

The high tide at this time of  twilight  saw the furious waves lash against the cement tetra-pods sending a swirl of surf and sprinkling moisture on the parapet of the Marine Drive where I sat in a pensive mood while the cool breeze caressed my cheeks and the smell of the sea assailed my olfactory nerves.


The scenario seems to reflect my inner state of my turmoil-ed mind as nothing was going right for me; and I was left with my professional career curve dipping , my girl-friend avoided me like plague and the whole Universe has decided to conspire against me.

I was contemplating  the ticking hands of the wrist watch when a vibrating sensation on my right hip pocket broke the chain of my thoughts and I absentmindedly pulled it out to see a familiar number flash on the screen.

"Your book has been nominated for the Critics Choice Award " , said Angela ," and the sales are sky-rocketing."

I looked up at the twinkling crimson sky as my career , my sweetheart Angela, are smiling at me and the whole Universe is at my feet.

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