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Feeling hot hot hot


Write Over the Weekend - Feeling hot hot........

The prompt : The heat this summer is unbearable. Here’s your chance to write a witty letter to the Sun God/Goddess convincing him/her to go a little easy on us.

He enters the sprawling mansion , a quick glance on the plaque , boldly embossed reads , 'Abode of Surya and Sanjana' , rings the door bell. With no response he presses the secret code and the door is flung open.
His fierce glance is arrested by a light blue envelope on the dining table. He picks it up , and scoffs at the cool colour and starts reading it aloud...........

Dear Surya,

The ready-to-eat packets are in the larder . Follow the instructions properly and do not mess it like last time.
The rosogollo tins are in the refrigerator . Do not have more than one as your sugar level may fluctuate.
The numbers of the green grocer and fruit vendor are stored in your cell-phone.

By the time you have opened this letter , I will be in the lap of my cool hill-station and will return only when Mumbai is drenched by Goddess Varsha.

Surya , its election time and the heat of the campaigning and mud-slinging is scorching the already high temperature of Aamchi Mumbai. The IPL fever too is adding fuel to the fire . The high-rises of the Maximum city depleted of greenery is a boiling cauldron and before I jump from the fire to fire-pan , am leaving the island city along with our kids to the retreat of the hills. I love you very much ,Surya but cannot see eye to eye as your fierce glances prick my eyes. I generously apply Sun-tan lotions with the highest SPF but my body can now compete with the over-baked brownie. I gulp down various coolant and joined aqua-aerobic classes . The Lady Friday (maid) is on leave and am tired of all the household chores. The prickly heat powder too could not rescue me. I will vacation at my parents retreat , 'Sheetal' . I wish you too should accompany us to the hills to take a chill-pill at your 'sasural'. 


The media and the city islanders have termed you as 'arrogant' , 'heartless' and 'unyielding' . I know deep down that these reports are biased but Surya , can't you tone down your mercurial temperature to tolerable levels.......
People may curse you , chide you but no morning is complete without salutations to Sun-God in the form of Suryanamakars. Have mercy on your subjects.

The Sun tattoo that I etched on my arm during our courtships days is no longer hot and appealing.

A barter exchange with Himachal God would be so welcome.,'Thanda-thanda , cool-cool ' effect.

Take care dear Surya.

Your loving wife,

Folding the letter , Surya fumes and the Island city experiences the hottest day of the decade. The Bollywood brigade has already for the greener pastures i.e. Switzerland to shoot the last portion of the films.The hoi-polloi i.e. the Aam Aadmi has already inked his finger to bring about sweeping changes . The price of the 'King of fruits' has come down considerably  and the aam aadmi is enjoying Alphonso at his dinner table.

Surya e-mails to Sanjana.

Hi Sanjana,

your complaints are heard with a patient ear. But permit me to present my side of the coin.

Sanjana ,  miss you .

Whenever I try to drown into your eyes , you down the shutter of your lovely eye-lashes. Your body is caked in the sun-tan lotions and I cannot touch you. Your bone-density will be affected due to lack of Vitamin D . The calcium supplements that you consume are no better than my natural potion.

I am misunderstood and misquoted. The road-rage accidents  are blamed for my excess presence. Children are kept indoors. But before pointing an accusing finger at me , will the humans take stock of their activities that is depleting the Mother Earth of her green garb? Hoarse cries of global warming are heard . Were my rays so ferocious some centuries ago?  Goddesses Varsha too is not happy and delays her arrival every season. 

Sanjana , come back soon.Take care.

Your loving ( & longing) husband,


If summer is around , can the rains be far behind? Till then let us try to enjoy the rays of the Sun. Do you agree with me , readers?

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