Sunday, 18 May 2014

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The Fear Factor!  ‘Dar ke aage jeet hai.’  But conquering fear is not simple and easy as gulping down an aerated drink and going forward to take the plunge. The advertisement on television belies this fact. Fear is not the absence of bravery but the unwillingness to make an attempt to understand and overcome it.

Before hitting the ‘publish’ button, my mind is ravaged by doubts of whether the readers would like my writing or not. Would I be mocked at and labeled brainless? The fear of these unknown monsters taking disproportionate shapes delayed my foray into the blogging world. And when I did venture into it with baby steps it was not only fun but I slowly shed off my inhibitions.


The first seven years of my life were spent in a row house with a mango , ‘jamun ‘ and drumstick tree for company in the front-yard of my house. An old grandmother of our friendly neighbor would try to frighten my mother about tales of a ghost haunting the ‘jamum’ tree ,  hovering around  the giant tree with anklets in the dark of the night. She advised my mother to perform ‘pooja’ to soothe the spirit. My mother, the next day performed a small ‘pooja’ on all the trees. Knowing my mother, I timidly questioned her whether she believed in ghosts. My mother replied that she performed ‘pooja’ because it was the Indian way of paying respect to Mother Nature as the trees provided shade and fruits for man. Ghosts are a figment of our imagination and if we try to fuel the fire of imagination, the spreading fire would destroy our trust in God ,was her further explanation.  My doubts and fears were laid to rest and never raised their ugly head again.

Last month, my husband had to go to another city for official visit. My son felt a bit lonely and complained of fear, fear of the unknown. I calmed down his frightened nerves and reminded him that we are staying in a huge complex with a hundred neighbors. Bolting the doors from inside leaves us fully secure. He questioned me if I was not feeling scared. I then told him that I had his company to feel secure. The child in him happily gurgled. The trust I reposed in him made him feel brave and responsible. These are the ways to quell fear and reinforce trust.

Watching the finale of the great Dance of Democracy, one of the participants in the discussion  said that the ruling Govt. had anticipated a drubbing but what was totally unexpected was the complete rout of the party by the saffron brigade. I remember my History teacher; (in school) Miranda Sir telling us never to underestimate or disregard our opponent however weak they might appear to be. If we commit this folly, it’s our loss. Time and again we have witnessed that History repeats itself but we humans are unwise not to read the past, understand its relevance to the present and implement the changes in the future. The adult population of our country has inked their index finger to bring about change. Let us experience the breeze of development or are we asking too much?

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