Saturday, 31 May 2014


Write Tribe's prompt  is  a letter, a poem or a piece of non-fiction as if the reader were advising a novice writer – including writing tips  learned/ writers who inspire you/ writing tips from a mentor. 
Wednesday Prompt 2014 - #17

Reading the rough draft , brings back fond memories of the first time you had penned a short story for your school magazine. I had a lingering prophesy about your budding talent and today you have not disappointed me , dear Lekhika (writer)


You asked for my opinion and I have scribbled my views on the last page. There are very few corrections to be made  as you are ingenious and articulate.
But a word of caution  : many have jumped into the deep-waters of writing and publishing , donning a life-jacket of established critics and authors ready to aid , to reach the safety of the shores. But this will only help one  in the short-term  and one will have to chart the course and navigate on  the strength of one's skills , observation powers and the ability to get under the skin of the characters. And as Stephen King has rightly said 

I hate to dispense any further advice and wish that you win not only accolades but also win your reader's hearts.

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