Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rich switch


As child the jingling of the coins was melody to my ears, the more the number of coins , the merrier I felt.

The currency notes did not hold fascination to my child-like innocent mind as there was no music in it.

I would shake my piggy bank vigorously much to the chagrin of my mother.

Today the coins which made my heart beat faster, have eroded their value with times and are consigned to antiquity and the future generations may not know of their existence and will have to be content seeing them in a museum.

A 'bhelwala' would push his handcart and ring a bell to announce his Sunday arrival. Along with the neighborhood children I too joined the mad scramble to buy his wares. My mother would give me and my brother a 25ps coin each. I would rub the  circular coin to my cheek to feel its coolness. I got a big paper cone of 'Bhel'  in exchange of a four anna and would be satisfied and satiated with the sumptuous Mumbai eatable. My friends  got a 'measly'  15 ps and this was the root cause of my happiness and a feeling of being 'superior'  by virtue of the difference of 10 ps. 

As I look back into whirlwind of time , I dismiss it , to a certain degree of my immaturity. But nay, the seeds of comparison were well sown and the fruits  reaped were visible.

Today , with strands of grey in my crowning glory , the result of  having experienced life fully , austerity and streaks of asceticism having set in , I have renounced this feeling which does not take center-stage of my life. If it touches the periphery , I manage to shoo it away.

5th June is World Environment Day. 
In the concrete jungle of Mumbai where the skyline is altering over the years , I am fortunate enough to live under a green canopy . When I push the folds of the curtains , my eyes feast of the various hues of green  and the rich 'gul-mohur' bloom intersperses intermittently. I am RICH.

Electricity never disappoints me and the abundance of water supply in my locality makes my life more efficient and cleaner. I am RICH.

I am blessed to be born in a household which did not discriminate between genders and the focus was on a good education. I am RICH.

My better-half is not bitter-half and I am happy. My son , though , in his teens is understanding and shares a friendly rapport with me. Caring is his forte and I am satisfied that my up-bringing is a success. I am RICH.

My blood-pressure , cholesterol levels and blood-sugar levels, considered to be an indicator of good health, are well-tamed. I am RICH.

Some unfulfilled wishes are yet to be ticked off while the others have taken shape. I am RICH.

R(a)ising In Contentment and Happiness  = RICH

Writing this post about the wide spectrum of 'richness' , a ray of satisfaction has penetrated into the window of my life. I am counting my blessings  where earlier I had failed to notice or acknowledge them. Thank you Indiblogger!  you have made me RICHER.


Readers, do share your experiences and what does being RICH mean to you?

Written in response to the Indiblogger InSpire prompt - Rich: Write a post on your interpretation of this word.