Thursday, 5 June 2014

Thank you , Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman and Wednesday Prompt


She sat huddled encircling her arms around her legs. Staring at the cascading waterfall , the occasional stray surf kissing her face , she was lost in her thoughts. Many a times she tried to search herself through the maze of old memories which did not lead to an exit gate but left her more confused and groping in the dark, uncertain of a future.

The emotional scars of her childhood refused to heal with time and the memories would scratch to leave an open and bleeding wound.

Neel had entered her life as a soothing balm , calming her troubled heart with his love and patience. But Kiara refused to accept his love wholeheartedly in fear of being rejected or pained.

He presented her a book on Maya Angelou , an Afro-American poet. Kiara had read about this phenomenally brave woman who faced defeats but refused to accept defeat despite all adversities. This book tossed Kiara inside out , nudging her to face her fears and imploring her to get up after having fallen down. She decide to open up to Neel and talk about her trepidation  for there was no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside her.

Neel came and sat besides her on the hard rock and opened his palms to reveal some wild flowers . Her eyes brightened with the rich hues and a colourful butterfly came fluttering . Kiara inhaled the fragrance of the flowers .
She will let faith be the bridge to overcome evil and welcome good. Thank you , Maya Angelou , she said and smiled.


                                          Written for : Write Tribe