Monday, 9 June 2014

The log

And….now, the 100 words on Saturday prompt!

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A part of me lies fallen by the way-side, un-seen, un-cared.

A thriving tree of presence,

I stood center-stage providing shelter, shade  and fruit.

Alas! Human greed reigns,

And I am cut down to size.

Shorn of green garb,

I lie naked,

Will I adorn as a beautiful furniture?

Or consigned to flames

to cook the Last Supper?

I know not.

Four Men in Black sauntered

With corporate air and lingo

Surveyed ‘my’ territory

And exclaimed,  ’What a beautiful place!’

To increase the sale of their goods

and a healthy bottom-line.

Was their aim

And so I was maimed.


                                              Written for :  Write Tribe

                                                            Write Tribe

(P.S. :- Every year hundreds of giant trees are cut down to create space for advertising hoardings , furniture , and fire-wood. The uprooted tree loses its 'home' and Mother Earth loses her child. Let us pledge to plant a tree every year.)