Thursday, 7 August 2014

A friendly ghost

                                                    Light and Shade Challenge

Photo by Thomas Marlowe

“Some ghosts are so quiet you would hardly know they were there.” 

                       An unwritten rule was etched in every-body's mind. 

The innocent looking tree bearing evergreen leaves, gently swaying to the melody of the breeze could  be sinister , I doubted. But my questions were repelled by a stern warning ,  "Do not go near THAT tree"  . But curiosity won and I ventured close to the tree. I stopped in my tracks . "Not this way" was boldly written on the tree trunk. 

 I  bravely took two steps  closer to the tree. The brown bark was flaked and red ants were seen scurrying in and out of the cracked layers. Touching the bark of the tree with my fingers sent a wave of shiver throughout my taut body. But I noticed nothing unusual. I circled the giant tree and froze suddenly when a figure stood in front of me.  No words escaped from my mouth nor a muscle moved. He bent down and sat on the ground. My eyes met his wrinkled blue ones. He smiled . I barely managed to move my lips.

"Hello young girl"

"Hii", I managed to blurt out. 

Gathering courage , I asked ,"Who are you?"

"I am ............" 

The lawns on the other side of  THAT tree were well laid out and manicured. The rose plants were watered and roses bloomed on them.

Pointing out to the writing on the tree, I asked him "Why have you written this?"

"To keep intruders at bay. And you are a lovely young girl." Answered he with a twinkle in his eyes. I giggled.

It was dark when I came home.The table was laid out with hot tea and cakes. Sinking my teeth into the chocolate cake ,  I asked my grandmother whether anyone lived in that old house beyond THAT tree.

Grandmother said she didn't remember anyone staying there except a gardener who lived and died in the old house.

 "Was his name Joseph, Grandma", I  asked as I bit my lower lip.

"How do you know , little Peggy?", a stern voice came.

Ï guessed it , grandma", said I pacifying her.

               I had made a pact with Joseph that the secret remained between us.

“Some ghosts are so quiet you would hardly know they were there.” 

Written for Light and Shade Challenge where one could make use of the photo or the quote or both and I have combined both.