Saturday, 30 August 2014


Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

Start a blogpost with “Hello ______, my old friend.” and then let it just flow.

"Hello God, my old friend"

Loneliness is a constant companion that refuses to desert me even though I am surrounded by my loved ones.

I beckon you in the dead of night and you never fail to appear as a faceless person and your soothing voice calms my frayed nerves. "How long, God, do I have to endure this agony?"

"You are still on the waiting list , my child."

"Do I have a purpose to live?"

"Every being is born with a  purpose, my child".

"Are humans a mere puppet in your hands, God?"

"I have moulded each clay figure with my bare hands and breathed life into them. All are my babies, my child"

"If everything is pre-destined , do my wishes have any effect on you?"

"Amen , I say sometimes. "

"Is death and birth of a human pre-ordained?"

"The span between these two have to be measured in deeds not in years, my child."

"One more question, God."

I feel you smiling on me.

"God, when will I die?"

"My child , this body of yours is a living temple. After the soul departs to take refuge in another being ,  re-cycle to help fellow-beings. This is ultimate salvation"

The divine aura merges with nothingness and I am left all alone with myself until dawn.

I feel the warm caress of her hand on me. I smile and she reciprocates with a radiant curve on her face. 

The papers are ready and I give my consent.

I look up and a divine hand is stretching towards me. I nod and get ready to the journey to the Gates of Heaven through wafting clouds and peace descends on me.

"Do not look back my child. " 

And I obey.


The headlines in the newspaper read : Organ donation is on the rise.............................

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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