Tuesday, 5 August 2014

colour me , white.

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"Mr. Frog  Mr Frog , can we cross the golden river?"
"Not until you have the  c o l o u r ....................   . The game that we played in childhood introduced us to all colours . Purple , indigo , navy blue , sky blue, amber green , mauve ...........and the list is endless. But of a wide array of  colours, my  favourite colour has always been WHITE. My neighbour, Sudha  calls me shwetambara ( one who wears white). I do have all other colours in my wardrobe but my penchant for white overrides all colours.

Renowned painter , M.F.Hussain once took a blank  canvas and with the strokes of his brush painted it white. He named it 'Shwetambara' . 

Passing through the 'chikan'' shop in Crawford Market, Mumbai , my eyes feasted on this white pristine cotton kurta in the glass display of the shop. I entered the shop and the kurta now finds a place in my wardrobe. I team this kurta with denim jeans or a printed dhoti salwar.  After washing it , I starch it and hang it on the cloth-line to dry it. The crisp ironed kurta is like my second skin. 

The fresh chill air of Gangtok, Sikkim was a refreshing change from the Mumbai sultry weather and we were indulging in our favourite acitivity : shopping.  This pair of white  nude twins caught my attention and I picked them up. The ceramic feel of the nude figures made my mind to possess them. I asked the shopkeeper to pack them up. They now are a pride in my glass display of my living room. The nude baby boys  are full of innocence and without inhibitions. The small patch  of black hair on the head breaks the monotony of the white colour and enhances the cuteness quotient .

Paying respects to the reigning deity of Sharanbasaveshwar of Gulburga, Karnataka was divine. The 'jaatri' or the fair attracts attention and I was one of the innumerable devotees to walk past the stalls showcasing the bric-a-bac, earthen pottery , wooden items etc. The stall of imitation jewellery arrested the pace of my brisk walk and my feet found their way into the stall selling colourful bangles. The red, green, maroon with a slight hint of gold colour added to the beauty of the glass bangles. But a pair of white bangles won my heart and after bargaining , the bangles adorned my wrists. I love these bangles .

The white double strand pearl neck-piece and the pearl bangle were purchased by me on my trip to Port Blair , the  Andaman Islands in  the Bay of Bengal.  The azure , clear and deep waters of the Andamans are a tourist's delight. The shoal of colourful fishes swimming can be seen through the transparent waters.

                                         Errors like straw  float on water.

                              He who searches for pearls must dive below.

White is my most loved colour. But I prefer jet black hair!  The seven colours of the rainbow bring joy to the beholder. The rich colours of the Kanjeevaram sari and  Baandhani sari are a sight to behold.  Reader, let me know the colour of your dream?

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