Sunday, 3 August 2014

and it rained that night


Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

Include this line in your post: ‘…And it rained that night’

Whole six yards of charm
draped in her eyes, so warm
the moon in its youthful crescent
The parijat wooing , fragrant scent
breeze dancing with anklets
caressed her jasmine braided plaits.

As she spread her arms
unafraid , unfazed of lurking harms
gaze upward
smiling coy , twinkling stars toward.

Black clouds battle in the yard
with swords out òf scabbard
unleash lightning and thunder
the young bride watches yonder

Maiden fair parts her lips bright
And it rained that  night
inhaling the musk of petrichor
she gleefully asks for more.

Her man amused watch
cajoles him to match
her step and  gait
his arms hug her waist

closeness encircles
passion tickles
youthful  night consummates
Earth's thirst satiates

And it rained that night
A lady and her Knight
began their journey bright.


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