Sunday, 3 August 2014


Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

Include this line in your post: ‘…And it rained that night’

The big droplets hurled themselves incessantly on the window panes making a rattling sound which awoke Dhoniba  from his sleep.  The roof of his house seems to be weighed down by the pouring rain. He got up to quench his thirst. Looking out of his window into the darkness , he could see nothing but could feel the intensity of Ma Varsha pounding on the ground as if she were unleashing her ire on the village. Hope the rains take a respite , sighs Dondiba in his early forties and drifts back to sleep on his humble charpoy. 

The rains did not take a moment's rest     ......And it rained that night.            

And it rained that night as if there were no tomorrow. 

The sun rose the next day albeit behind a thick veil of black gloomy clouds reflecting the His state of mind or the prognosis about to take place.

The kittens in Dhondiba's house  were restless, mewing . Dhondiba thought that the kittens were scared and he shifted them to a large basket kept underneath his charpoy. He too nestled himself snugly underneath the charpoy to pacify the little beings. Folk lore says that animals have a  pulse on Nature and can feel the vibrations of an impending disaster . Dondiba stroked the feline fur gently. 

Some people waiting for the state transport bus to arrive had taken refuge in a nearby ancient temple as the rains continued unabated.

The bus did not arrive for it could not find its way. The hill cascaded down with its massive body bringing down mud and boulders. The hill was flattened burying the village in its womb.

Rescue workers and the State machinery swung into action under hostile conditions extricating people most of them having breath their last.

The rescue team hearing a faint groaning sound alternating with mews under the debris began to work cautiously. Dondibai was pulled out in a state of shock . More shocking news awaited as he recovered in the Primary Health Centre in a nearby town. He had lost everything , his house and his family.

Who is to be blamed for the tragedy of Malin village, which has ceased to exist? Deforestation , rampant quarrying ,  terraced farming on hill slopes disrobing of Nature or issuing of permits flouting environmental norms or a combination of all?

The common man of the village is the most distressed and affected lot.

Ďondiba may start his life on a new note but can he forget the horrors that unleashed on the day it rained?

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