Thursday, 18 September 2014

The attack


The 3 words are breezy , hairy , monstrous.

The UFO had taken refuge on the baseball ground. The earthlings fearing for 

their safety huddled, trying to find solace in numbers. The hairy monstrous 

creature came romping towards me while my nervous legs found a way to 

escape. The grizzly bear pinned me down on the promenade and my gasping 

breath woke me up to feel the pillow moist with my sweat. It was only a 

nightmare , I concluded and as I got up to sip water, I pulled up the Venetian 

blinds to allow the breezy draught to calm my frayed nerves. I reached for the 

remote button and the television screen sprang to life.

                “Attack of the aliens on Earth “, the breaking news resonated.

                                 Linking to 3 Word Wednesday

Word count : 118