Wednesday, 17 September 2014

harvested life

Five Sentence Fiction – Grief



                                                   Photo from: Lillie Mc Ferrin

They approached the lady whose weary eyes  withheld a thousand sorrows but shone brightly groping for a flicker of hope which seemed distant across the horizon.

But they had no promises to offer her which exacerbated  the task of the junior doctor and the Medical Social Worker, making them feel guilty.

The ventilator had to be removed robbing her of her only son , a truck driver , an accident victim , trying to avoid a careless pedestrian, jaywalking.

They counselled  her , before obtaining her consent and she requested them for some moments to grieve in privacy.

Tears rolled down uncontrollably as she  buried her face into her shivering cupped palms , stifling her sobs as a ray of satisfaction spread on her wrinkled face that her son would continue to live a harvested life in an anonymous person's body.

                                           Written for Five Sentence Fiction

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