Wednesday, 31 December 2014

bride who wore black.

Blushing crimson hues on her cheeks , she wore white and a shy smile and looked pristine. He was suave and dapper in his charcoal black suit and sported a French beard. The old ladies exclaimed in hushed tones that it was a match made in Heaven. The bride 's mother  had an unseen halo wrapped around her. The father of the bride  took firm steps with puffed chest. 

The cavalcade  proceeded from the Church to Hotel Savoy where an elaborate feast was laid out for the wedding guests and the  couple after they were pronounced man and wife.

A green-eyed monster spread its tentacles  and nipped their budding expectations to prick a thorn  in their balloon of radiating mirth and joy.  Or was it that fate had other plans?

The blood stained the stubble of the bridegroom while the bride screamed with shock at the unexpected turn of events.

The bride waited with bated breath along with the kin and guests for the doctor's verdict. The tick tock of the clock on the wall pierced the silence of the hospital.

The doctor felt the pulse and solemnly looked at the bride whose pristine white gown was unblemished and not a scratch visible on her body.

"It's time to wear black", said the doctor to the bride.

 The widow's face turned white.

Written for :  Yeah Write Fiction

word count : 220