Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Wordy Wednesday #1 at B-A-R

This Week: Sentence Prompt
What is it that I really want to say?
This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger, Beloo Mehra who blogs here.

What is it that I really want to say 
Words keep encircling
In the folds of the gray matter.
Ideas rise and fall
Like the waves of the ocean
Thoughts sprout
But the buds are nipped
Stories are penned
On the blank slate of mind
Unseen, unread and unheard.
Riot of colours are splashed
On the canvas of life
Are they interpreted?
In a way I wish
Or languish like prisoners
Awaiting trial?
I close my senses
To evade, dodge and flee
But the whirlpool embraces me
To suffocate.
I wish to live.
Do I really want to say anything?

Written for : Wordy Wednesday Prompt

word count : 100