Saturday, 31 January 2015

pimple trouble

As an adolescent, my facial terrain did not resemble the surface of moon, but was blessed with a smooth skin without any eruptions. Any binge eating of cheese , chocolates, sweets and the limited junk food did not have any effect on my derma.

My friend, Anne, on the other hand had to battle this dreadful situation which curtailed her eating habits and was a drain of on her confidence. I remember Anne had pimples and acnes and her cheeks could not bear the abrasions of the soft pillow. The poor girl had no option but to sleep on her back and could not afford the luxury of sleeping sideways. We would joke that her Prince Charming had to search for a place to kiss her cheeks. If there was a marriage or a reception to attend , fatty foods and chocolates would vanish from her larder and my friend would gorge on the restricted food after the event or function.

As I watched her desperation with amusement , I secretly thanked God for bestowing upon me with a pimple-free face. My friend would try all home remedies or 'dadima ke nuske' with enthusiasm, least any remedy or a combination of remedies would erase her marks. Along with movies ,fashion and boys the properties of haldi (tumeric), chandan (sandal), neem  were eagerly discussed. And I picked a lot of 'gyan' in the process. Anne is now free from pimples but her brush with adolescence have left her face with blemishes which are still visible. She manages to hide them beneath a layer of concealer.

The Neem tree would be centre of attraction as leaves would be shorn off , washed and a paste made was applied on the affected area. I remember on the auspicious day of 'Úgadi' or  Gudi Padwa , my mother used to wash the neem leaves and put them in the bucket of hot water and made to stand for 15 minutes and then we bathed from the medicinal water. Such is the importance of Neem in our culture. The presence of Neem tree at the entrance of the main door is considered auspicious. Back then the medical or general shops did not stock neem face wash. 

But today as I scan the shelves of the neatly arranged array of face-washes to suit every skin in the supermarkets, I wish my friend could have availed of the benefits of neem face wash. Today her daughter has inherited her mother's trait of an oily skin but she is fortunate to have Garnier Pure Active Neem. The daily usage of this product has managed to keep her face pimple free and she indulges in her favourite ice-cream occasionally. The tube can be slipped into a hand bag and carried during travels too and is very convenient. Anne's girl is happy and so is Anne.

Today's generation is luckier in many ways.

Dear friends , did you try Garnier Pure Active Neem? Boost your confidence with this wonderful product.

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