Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Quilt of secrecy

The 100 Words prompt  is QUILT.

She had hurriedly left the little life wrapped in the bright coloured quilt on 

the orphanage steps, never to look back.

As she opened the couriered parcel with wrinkled trembling hands, she knew 

she had to lift the quilt of secrecy that she had shrouded it, decades ago.

The unwanted illegitimate girl child was a barrier to her marriage to Count Monte.

She caressed the coarseness of the faded quilt, the seams stretched and visible,

exposing the skeletons buried.  

As the clock struck four, a girl came in carrying her green tea, a replica of her in

her younger days. 

                                 Written for : Velvet Verbosity

                     Writing Prompt