Thursday, 12 February 2015

Saga of two roses


Thanks Shalini Nair,Sulekha Rawat and Sheethal Susan Jacob
 for the lovely phrase prompt : Love for all seasons.

14th February

A bunch of red roses with water droplets sprinkled on them stood at the busy intersection drawing envious glances of the pedestrians. Their thorns were shorn
off, hurting their tender body.

“Happy Valentine Day”, they said to each other before being separated.

 All the roses were sold off.

15th February

The civic worker dumps the partially faded red flowers into the garbage bin.

He fondly embraces her and says, “Love for all seasons, Love for all reasons”

The two red lovers were finally united to return to dust.

They were happy to be catalyst of love to mankind.


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                                        Written for  :  Wordy Wednesday B-A-R