Thursday, 28 May 2015

forlorn farms

Keeping an eye on the ruckus and another on the bunch of assignment sheets,

I was amused to see an unusual drawing instead of words scribbled.

Rohan with a morose face said, “This is my family; parents, grandparents, me,

my sibling and these little ones are my kitten”.

Each tomato glistened from the bright crayon hues.

“The untimely rains destroyed our standing tomato crop and only these have 

survived”, and saline pearls streamed down the innocent checks.

Nature and its vagaries cannot be commanded but the student drop-out rate 

could be checked.

“Waive off school-fees”, screamed the morning newspaper headlines.

                                       Written for Wordy Wednesday -B-A-R


Thank you Aparna George, for the lovely picture prompt.