Sunday, 7 June 2015

a bite


The voice sounded strange yet she couldn't ignore it. She blinked and tried to 

turn away but the sound seemed to mesmerise her and percolate into every

pore of hers. The strong magnetism of the unknown had taken its toll on her 

innocence and she was forced to lend her ears to it much against her conscience.

The stranger coiled and hissed with wicked intentions and implored her to take 

the fatal bite.   

She succumbed to the evil charms and the bite sealed her fate. The Eden of 

abundance banished her and marooned her into the whirlpool of struggle and


Alas! The stranger still lurks in the dark raising  the ugly hood and baring the 

poisonous fangs waiting for its prey.

Image result for image of Eve and Satan

                                                   Written for : A Prompt Each Day

Thank you Sfurti Juztamom for the word prompt Stranger.