Friday, 10 July 2015

precious moments


I  gathered the swirl of my chiffon skirt and hitched it a bit higher. With

the parasol as my saviour, I tried my callisthenics skills at landing safely

in small stretches of hard solid land between puddles of all geographical


                           It is a herculean task,  I concluded.

As a child I welcomed the blessings from the skies with open hands,

literally. Jumping into the largest and deepest puddle was a joy untold. 

The thought of the school books being bathed in water drops never 

crossed my mind until a ferocious glare from my mother's eyes  put an 

end to my merry-making.

                          Those were the days of care-free life. 

Today the charcoal black clouds grimaced and unanimously connived to vent

their emotions and loosened themselves to send their ire on Mother Earth.

Mumbai is an island city and the showers reminded us, marooning the citizens.

Wish I had the magic wand or Aladdin's lamp to put an end to this showery 


Lo and behold the black urchins were sent packing and a clear blue 

blanket spread before  me. I peeped from the edge of my parasol to witness

the dramatics in the sky. The Sun being in a parsimonious mood sprinkled his 

rays and a seven spectrum wonder unfolded before me. Discarding their 

rainy gear, all heads turned their gaze towards the melange of colours in

the sky. 

                                   Image result for rainbow in the sky picture

The artist had splashed his palette of colours on the vast canvas and 

the earthy connoisseurs lapped it up. A curve spread on my face and 

I could feel the positive vibes spreading warmth over my being.

Dark days and potholes road ridden

O rainbow! where were you hidden? 

with your myriad hues soft

why don't you show up oft?

Not days, I live in moments few

life-time of memories, I brew

Tango with the sunshine

and all will be fine.

I inhaled the fragrance of the rainbow and with gusto jumped into the puddle.

                                                Childhood revisited.


               Written for : A prompt Each Day


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