Tuesday, 14 July 2015

rocky road .


Rocky road ahead............. that is what he perceived as his legs moved 
fast and the furious breeze sped past him encouraging him to rival it. 

The pair of blue eyes were glued to the brown uneven path as he vehemently
raced ahead.

The tall trees, the verdant landscape  and azure lake-water did not for
a moment distract the nature-lover in him. Beads of perspiration trickled 
down rapidly and irritated his skin but these were minor deterrents. 

The bumpy terrain was not an impediment considering the gigantic peaks
he had conquered.

                                Image result for Cycling on a bumpy road

The thought of the steel body of his vehicle had been a succour when he 
was navigating on a different road ; a road to recovery.

His confidence and adventurous spirit had hit a nadir when he was confined
to bed in supine position after the accident. 

The convalescing period was three months but Ronnie defied the doctors
and was on  prosthetic feet in sixty days pedalling away his disability and 
looking forward to the journey of life. 

                   The long winding rocky road had to be conquered.

                          Written for : A Prompt Each Day


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