Saturday, 18 July 2015

scorching road


This week’s word: SCORCHING

Getting down from the cocooned comforts of his air-conditioning, he tilts his 

head on one side and critically surveys the damage done.

He shakes his head in despondency and the the thought of trudging to the 

nearest aid , maybe miles away, reduces the intrepid explorer in him to a

grain of fine sand.

Armed with a parasol and a bottle of Adam's ale and dark ghosts of the past , 

he sets out, checking out the harsh , dry and shrub filled  terrain.

The scenery looked glossy from his shell but the scorching discomfort , 

leaving him fatigued , irritated  and chafed had second thoughts and serious 

doubts of  romancing with the camera-lens or be a prisoner in the boring 

desk job. 

Peter's wide grin was the highlight of the lonely arduous journey when he sighted 

the wooden log-cabin with the sign-board, " Sid's Garage".

                 Linking to   Five Sentence Fiction.  and Three Word Wednesday

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