Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Rode away

He stood akimbo  in front of his white Arabian horse,Charming , peered into her 

eyes deeply. She blinked and neighed ferociously , the unsaid  mute 

communication conveyed to the equestrian comrade.

He rode on her with élan . 

Entering the spacious decorated hall, all eyes riveted on him. 

The mood suddenly turned sombre and the air pregnant with suspense.  Many

gloved hands clutched their scabbard anticipating a duel. He smiled and shook

hands with the bride's father and doffed his hat at the old lady.  His lips partook

wine  and  his words were far from a forlorn rejected lover. He talked about fair

maidens in-waiting and gracefully slid his arm around Beatrice 's slender waist 

and they burned the dance floor. 

Merriment returned to clear away the clouds of uncertainty, that loomed with 

his arrival.

The beautiful bride and the aristocratic bridegroom mingled with the guests 

accepting their good wishes. He went up to the couple along with Beatrice,  

the bride's best friend and wished them to allay suspicion.

He let out a sharp whistle and Charming barged into the hall. With a quick 

hand he put his winsome lady on the saddle, mounting, he galloped away

leaving the groom thunderstruck. 

The lovers rode away on the path of a new life, a new beginning.

             written for : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

                                and the photo prompt provided by
                               Scott, author of the blog, Scott's Place.



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