Saturday, 10 June 2017

tough situations

Farmers are agitating in Maharashtra state asking the government to waive off their loans. 

The agitators  had occupied the space on the  roads. No they aren't blocking the roads with their live-

stock or tractors but are spilling their farm produce on the roads as a form of protest. Isn't it hard to 

believe?  What was the result? The prices of vegetables from their humble roots (literally) skyrocketed. The 

scarcity of the perishable goods  made a trip to greengrocer a less frequent exercise. But kitchen fires had

to be kept burning and hunger pangs at bay. A full Indian meal  was difficult to put on the table. 

Vegetarians were at the receiving end. Housewives panicked and stocked whatever was available​ in 

limited quantity , quality being compromised. 

The hoi polloi would be glued to newspapers or desperate to hear on TV about the strike being called off. 

Under these trying circumstances what are the options before a common man 

nay a common woman.

I scratched by head and racked my brains for a solution. 

Image result for Necessity is the mother of invention photo

Necessity is the mother of invention and this was time 

to prove it. Crying for help on being stranded on the 

island of helplessness was not going to help matters. God 

helps those who help themselves. Alternatives had to 

be searched for.

Image result for photo of indian lentils

Generous use of lentils in different forms was 

made use of. The humble lentils occupied a place 

of pride on Indian Thali. Its nutritive value 

became the focal point.  


 I scanned the culinary websites which threw up a plethora of tasty and healthy Indian dishes of 

which I had earlier not thought of.  I enjoyed digging into my North Karnataka traditional dishes. For 

sometime salads were off the plate.

                        Image result for indian sprouts    Image result for indian sprouts                                      

But  fresh sprouts replaced compensated  for the roughage to aid digestion. My wallet looked healthy and 


Slowly trucks filled with vegetables started to trickle the Agricultural Produce Market Complex 

(APMC). And the retail market started to do business again.  

Milk tankers were provided security and we weren't deprived of the white nectar in tea and coffee. A 

brief fleeting thought of stocking milk powder but did not hit the panic button.

Things are limping to normalcy .

Citizens especially the urbanites tend to panic and cry hoarse at the slightest non availability of 

essentials or change in govt policies. Demonetization of denominations made the citizens wary of 

leaving their comfort zone to queue up outside the banks in the scorching heat. Did we imagine how 

our soldiers guard our borders in Sub-Zero temperatures even in the darkness while we catch our 

forty winks in peace. Do our athletes complain of the hot Sun or the not so up to the mark facilities? 

                            They bring medals and laurels to our country.

                                        Image result for when the going gets tough quotes

Image result for when the going gets tough quotes

Tough situations do not last long but tough minds stay 

forever facing the situation and wrestling it provides a much 

needed solution.




 Readers, how do you deal  when you are faced with a tough situation? 

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