Tuesday, 13 June 2017

whale skeleton

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It was midweek and the time just apt for a siesta, the footfalls to 

the City Museum  were few in number.  The museum curator , a 

middle-aged man who loves his stodgy puddings  and it reflected 

well on his abundant facade stood at the entrance trying to capture

 people's interest.

In walked a pair of tiny feet followed by a pair of  bored red 

stilettos .

" Welcome to the City Museum , Miss..." and his voice trailed.

" Armine Braganza. You may call me Amy", a big ebullient smile 


Her intrigued eyes scanned the full length of the bony exhibit.

"Is this from the 80's?", she inquisitively inquired.

" Not so young", contradicted the museum curator

" Did this ever study History?", asked she shaking her pigtails.

" Well well" throwing his hands up in the air .

"The whale has created history", the curator releasing his breath.

"Did this sea monster eat penne pasta?" her culinary doubt 

flummoxed the curator.

" A century ago?? nay" , exclaimed the curator losing his 


"Do you have any more questions?", losing his temper

"Not to you ", Amy whistled.

"mummy mummy..." and she turned in another direction

" Thank God", and he made a a beeline towards the Espresso 


           Enough for the day, he thought to himself.


Prompt is is: “Are those from the 80’s?” and i have slightly modified to " Is this from the 80's?

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