Friday, 28 July 2017


              Three Line Tales, Week 78

three line tales week 78: someone walks down the stairs at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC

                        photo by Mahdis Mousavi via Unsplash. Thank you Mahdis M.

 Ishaan was the fun-loving , naughty , fidgety boy who refused to take interest in the 

study of numbers , troubling his teachers and parents alike and was put under the 

tutelage of the revolutionary Aamir Khan who was considered an outlier in the field of 

education and a few institutions made a beeline outside his door to have him on their 

payroll while many feared his unprecedented teaching methods. 

The young pupil and his Master warmed themselves running up and down the stairs and 

later adding and subtracting numbers through the medium of steps rather than the 

conventional blackboard, had the educational heads gaping in wonder.

AK not only taught the young boy to juggle numbers like a magician but had driven away 

the demon of fear of the most hated school-subject.

             Written for : Three Line Tales -Week-78. Thank you Sonya.

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