Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Sunday call

                                                             PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

“Why isn’t she picking up the old phone?” stomping his foot.

“She knows I love to speak to her on Sundays”, impatient.

“Has she gone on errands?”

“Has she suffered a fall?”

His fingers working furiously on the number keypad for the umpteenth time, “Please pick 


“Why does she do this to me?” crying, almost.

“H e l l o Nikhil”.

“What took you so long?” relieved.

“Creaky bones, my grandchild”.

“I will gift you a cell-phone, Gran”.

“Nikhil, let the whole RH know that I have someone who calls on me”, wrinkled eyes 


“Gran, I love you”.

                                 Written for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks you Rochelle Wisoff.


word count : 100

RH = Retirement Home also known as Old-Age-Home.

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