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[Synthetic Alien Head from the National Space Centre,  Leicester, UK]

write a story with the photo as a prompt in 200 words or less

Caressing his double barrel gun with unblemished pride of his hunting abilities and 

lineage he waxed eloquent about his numerous hunting expeditions even of some 

endangered species.

He was adept in the art of taxidermy, displaying his kill as mount trophies on the walls. 

The mounts stared down from the height echoing an eerie feeling.

A tiger face mount was enclosed in a glass cubicle and displayed on the mahogany table. 

enquired him about this unusual choice of place.

He had gone hunting deep into the woods where a tribe inhabited the jungle. The tribal 

chieftain was killed inadvertently while aiming his gun onto the tiger. The mounted tiger 

face was kept on his table to remind him of his failure of his perfect bull’s eye.

My inquisitiveness grew about the fate of the chieftain. The tribal was left to bleed as 

they were infamous for vendetta.

A week later the Police summoned me to his palatial mansion.

The tiger mount was replaced by his wan face in the glass cubicle shorn of his prized 

mustache and hair.

His remaining body was found deep in the jungles.

I said a silent prayer to the departed soul of my chieftain grandpa.

      written for : Sunday Photo Fiction - July 30th 2017


Jungle means forest.

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