Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bonded Slavery

                                   Photo Challenge #175


                                                        MKA Photography

The hammer struck the teak table thrice. The auctioneer looked around. The deal was 

done and over. Everyone rushed to congratulate Ajanta over wine and cheese post the 


Walking through the architectural wonder, the colonnade looked down in appreciation of 

the artiste whose brush strokes spanned continents. The citizen of the world she was a 

generous donor to women’s causes.

The renowned Auction House, Christie’s Indian agent Anita‘s nagging doubt was coming, 

“Ajanta, the loose ends of thread of the lady’s fettered hands gather in odd shapes to 

form a pattern?".

“Nothing escapes your keen eyes, Anita” acknowledging her finding.

“While the world focused its attention on the light, the clothes of the model, the spartan 

enclosure, my mind shifted its focus. May I have the pleasure of knowing it?”

She spoke with a pause of gravitas. “It is my signature. That’s all I can tell you”, the tone 

in her voice suggesting that she be left alone. Discerning her caprice the agent politely 

took leave.

Left alone with her thoughts gathering a storm in her mind she recalled her days of yore.

She had nervously stepped into Nari Niketan with a veil covering most of her face having 

estranged from her family. The brick and mortar walls not only provided her refuge and 

solace from her fears but they shaped her sagging confidence. She was eternally indebted 

to the Institution. Now it was payback time for her. The proceeds of the sale of the 

painting “Bonded Slavery” would go to refurbish the crumbling edifice of the building.

She corralled her thoughts and dabbed loose  powder on her face while tidying every 

strand on her head.

Ajanta's monochrome art may reflect her real life but her real life had to be kept under a 

generous coat of colourful paint, sequestered from public and fourth estate.

                        Written for :MindLove Misery's Menagerie Photo Challenge #175

Nari Niketan - Women's Hostel 

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