Saturday, 26 August 2017

Empty painting

         Weekend Writing Prompt #17 – Emptiness

Prose Challenge – Write a 50 word story inspired by the image above.  What is it? A blank screen edged in static? A chalkboard with no writing on it?  The strange view out of a window, perhaps from a spaceship?  You tell us.

Word Prompt : Emptiness
Bonus point for including any of the following words: emptiness, void, or abyss.

Black and white were the colours of her canvas. Her brush trudged with the strokes of 

emptiness of her reflection. With forlorn look at the painting she jumped, tearing the 

canvas, into the abyss of loneliness embracing the blackness and plunging into the valley 

of no return. Rest-in-peace, tired soul.

weekend Writing Prompt # 17 - Emptiness. Thank you Sammi Cox.

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