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                  Sunday Photo Fiction – August 27th 2017

         13 Dawn Miller 27 August 2017

                              Thanks Dawn M Miller for the lovely photo prompt.

Amisha preferred to be alone in the company of Nature. Her ornithology interests were 

pampered in the environs. She ventured out into the concrete jungle to buy essentials.

The few visitors to the sprawling but spartan cottage on the periphery of woods were 

discombobulated to notice the trio of porcelain set of cup-saucers stuck upright on 

wooden palisades with a respectable distance from each other. But knowing her penchant 

for being an outlier, they expected a departure from the usual.

She filled the empty space with grains and the other with water to attract the avian 

species despite knowing that the deep woods treasured berries and water bodies. From 

the portico, her keen eyes would feast on the different species of feathered friends that 

satiated from the tea-cups. Her brushed replicated the chirping shapes and colours on 

the canvas.

Did Nature have an agenda to make better use of the empty space or will it serve no 

purpose other than being a mere exhibit piece? Time would decide and patience was her 


The feeble melody of the inmate of the nest occupying the empty porcelain filled her 

vacant nest of her heart. The feeling would be ephemeral, she realized.

                                                       Image result for a small bird nest in a porcelain cup

                                Written for : Sunday Photo Fiction


word count : 200

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