Tuesday, 29 August 2017


FFfAW Challenge-Week of August 29, 2017

                          130th Challenge


         This week's photo prompt is provided by Jade M. Wong. Thank you Jade!

“The peaceful island of Mumbai was bleeding from the insane terrorists’ bullets”, an 

infuriated quinquagenarian.

“Rapacious hands continue to slaughter Mother Earth of her green canopy”, an

environmentalist’s voice booms.

Media baron wielding a microphone chides, “Voice of the Press is asphyxiating.”

“Taxes are phlebotomizing a commoner’s domestic budget”, a housewife cries hoarse.

“The Pharmaceutical industry in cahoots with the medical fraternity are haemorrhaging 

the human fabric”, yoga guru blurts.

“The arrows of infidelity pierce the romantic heart”, from a dejected lover’s gullet.

The exhibit is besieged with numerous heads, ruminating and deducing, some surmising 

but none concurring.

“Mummy refuses to buy me polo and vanilla ice-creams”, a kindergarten kid explodes 

pointing to the white structure with a hole in between.

The opinionated heads erase their creased brows to loosen the tension and the museum 

resonates with laughter.

The lone Sabyasachi clad artist smiles at the various interpretations.

Discovery is not seeking new objects but in seeing the same object with new eyes, he 

concludes. His experiment is a success.

               Written for  : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.Thanks Priceless Joy.

word count : 170

Notes : Read about Mumbai terror attack

                      Polo is a peppermint with a hole in between.

                                  Image result for polo peppermint

                      Sabyasachi  - An Indian apparel designer. 

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