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The prompt for today was the 25th word on the 25th page of the book we are reading presently. But since I am not reading any book, I decided to take the 25th word from the newspaper. The word is FAITH.

The Dictionary meaning of faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Let us not dwell on the faith of the common people who have in the self-proclaimed 

Godman reigning the news, print and digital, for all the wrong reasons.

The faith of a person or people elevates an ordinary human or an inanimate object to the 

highest pedestal to acquire the status of Almighty. The lack of faith reduces the person or 

object to ordinary.

A devotee offers oblation to Ganges elevating the river to a Goddess or Ma (mother) 

while an atheist would just drink the river water and quench his thirst.

A sculptor chisels away the monolith having complete trust in his hands, his tools and the 

art acquired by him. The finished product can be exhibited in a museum, in an uber 

luxurious hotel entrance or in a temple. Connoisseurs appreciate the museum-piece as an 

art. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple the statue is revered and devotees 

genuflect or bow their head in obeisance.

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A strong marital relationship is based on the solid foundation of love and faith while a 

warring couple, in family court, have left both behind.

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A mother/parent hears and reads stories of children eloping away, falling in bad company 

or leaning towards substance abuse. In the ocean of uncertainties, there exists an island 

of faith that her upbringing is based on sound values and her child has imbibed them.

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I have great faith in Ganapati Bappa. I pray to thank for His blessings 

bestowed. I kneel down to Him for guidance at the crossroads of life. Many times while 

rationale thinking parts way with me, I rely on Bappa’s finger to tread the unknown path. 

He has fulfilled my wishes (sometimes) and when not, I have learnt (with time and age) 

to accept it graciously and gracefully. Maybe something bigger is in store for me, I say to 

myself.  My evening walk begins with the Ganpati Aarti in my mind.

Readers, where and how do you place your faith? Do share your story with me.

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                                                 Everyday Gyaan

Note : Aarti - prayer.

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