Saturday, 9 September 2017


            Weekend Writing Prompt #19 – Abundance

Poetry Challenge – Write a non-rhyming poem, in 15 lines or less, that includes the words:

  • abundance
  • prosperity
  • plenty

She sowed a seed, 
on the fertile farm of motherhood.
She reaped an abundance of bounty,
the prosperity made her content.
her child's smiles, plenty,
the cup runneth over.

With wrinkled hands she waves, 
from the blue clouds.
A cocoon she have woven,
around him, protecting him,
from all lurking dangers.

Untie him from your apron strings,
wisely cajoles the angel.
Let him take risks, lead his life,
It is his life, after-all.

           Weekend Writing Prompt# 19 - Abundance. Thanks Sammi Cox

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