Saturday, 9 September 2017

Abundant reap

       Weekend Writing Prompt #19 – Abundance

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word prompt : Abundance

Prose Challenge – Write a story that focuses on a quality that you think the world could do with in abundance.  Word limit: 150 words.
The timely rainfall had the rivers overflowing its embankments. The bountiful crop filled 

the granaries and the bucolic scent bathed the simple peasants.

The Angel smiled brimming with satisfaction.

The Satan winced with displeasure.

The war was declared and winning became inevitable.

Satan spread the shadow of his ugly claws.  Soon the village was dotted with liquor shops 

brewed from the excess grains. The simple hearts drowned themselves in sin, fighting, 

abusing and creating unrest. The Monster smiled stroking his claws.

The words of the clergyman soothed the disturbed minds. Realising their folly, they shed 

their vices and donned the cloak of righteousness. Peace reigned. The abundance was 

donated to the underprivileged, bridging the gap between the haves and have-nots. 

Philanthropy thrived.
The Angel waved his wand on the sleeping village. In the dark of the night, the shadow of 

Satan beat a retreat.

         Weekend Writing Prompt # 19 - Abundance.Thank you Sammi Cox.
word count : 144

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