Thursday, 21 September 2017


"I would have loved to help you, Sandra, but you know I have a full plate now  with the client meetings , power-point presentation", and Zarine's voice trailed off.

"It is okay", said Sandra concealing her disappointment and making her way to her cubicle.


"Here is your dinner and don't forget to take your medicines", Sandra's courteous voice echoed as she pushed the plate towards her sick room-mate and office-colleague.

Nibbling on her food in bed with the fever burning her body and the throbbing ache threatening to split her head into two, Zarine recollected her self-centered and selfish attitude while donning a mask of civility.
She realized that tables could be turned on her and a helping hand and heart went a long way in establishing solid bonds.

Zarine missed her mother in this moment of weakness and decided to make amends.


                         Six Sentence Stories. Thank you, Zoe.

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