Thursday, 21 September 2017

Mother Courage.


Today as Amrita stood tall on the dais, with a thousand palms applauding her for the 

breakthrough in Genetic Engineering, she credited and thanked her mother , Nirbhaya, 

for her guiding spirit.

Nay Amrita was not born in an improvised family but her rich ‘zamindar’ grandfather-

patriarch tried to throttle her as soon as the umbilical cord was cut. The young Nirbhaya

barely out of the labour pains shielded the tiny life. Despite looking wan and feeble, her 

fierce mien and ululation pulverized the ageing head of the family.  Nirbhaya's husband a 

nincompoop put a pococurante demeanor while the sordid ordeal was being played in 

the ‘haveli’. The breeze stopped in its track and the sheep swallowed its bleats into 

deafening silence.

Nirbhaya, as her name suggested, stepped out of her marital threshold gathering her 

courage and the new-born Amrita in her arms. No voice cajoled her to stay behind. The 

blood of 'Durga' ran in her veins and voice of 'Kali' ordained her to take this step. The 

firmament bowed, showering their with blessings.


Nirbhaya’s parents did not welcome her but the security of a roof over her head was not 

denied. She picked up the books again, breastfeeding Amrita and changing the diapers.

Two pair of feminine feet entered the school premises, one as a student and another as a 

teacher. Thus began the arduous journey for Amrita to culminate at the dais. Nirbhaya’s 

palms refused to stop cheering for her Amrita.

The media-persons thrust their microphones towards Nirbhaya for sound bytes.

challenge 4 prompt

“Whatever I had earnestly wished for, has become the fulfilled goal of my life”.

Nirbhaya’s words resonated through the television screen of the crumbling ‘haveli’. The 

patriarch‘s photograph hung on the wall adorned with a sandalwood garland. 

                                           Reena's Exploration Challenge # 4. Thank you Reena S.

Notes : Zamindar : family owning huge tracts of land.

             Haveli - huge mansion.

            Durga and Kali are Indian goddesses.

           Nirbhaya means fearless.

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