Thursday, 21 September 2017

The harvest

He had drawn a blue print plan to put his free time to better use long before retirement. 

Working in a corporate office he had lost touch with Nature. The farmland in his village 

was sold off to the highest bidder after his father’s demise. How fervently Sridhar wished 

he hadn’t.

After a session of yoga, he sat at the table with renewed vigour chomping on the freshest 

tomato-cucumber salad. The aubergine vegetable tasted the best he ever had. From his 

potted plants in the verandah straight into his kitchen.

The seminar on urban farming has found many takers.

           Image result for eggplants, tomatoes cucumbers growing in potsImage result for eggplants, tomatoes cucumbers growing in pots       

(Google pics)

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction.  Thank you Charli Mills.


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